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Fisk Family
Join us as we laugh, learn, live and try to raise three little children!
This Thursday is stocking day at Stone Soup (the online store I am apart of!) and I am running my first ever auction.  I am auctioning off a boys size 4/5 outfit.  This outfit has to be one of the best things I have ever put together!  I absolutely adore it and infact have enough material left over to make one for Sebastian.  It is a pair of corduroy cargo pants in the wildest burn orange color!  With them I have paired a short sleeved button down dress shirt with an alien/UFO pattern.  The aliens are outlined in the same orange!  Finishing the outfit is a navy hooded jacket.  Here is the link to pcitures and my store!  Part of me is really excited about the auction.  Another part of me is scared to death that it won't do well and I'll be completly moritfied!  

Random thoughts..
 My son is hilarious..the things he does and says keeps me in stitches all day long.  For example, he woke up tonight after only being asleep for an hour or 2.  When I went in and picked him up I asked him why he was awake.  He replied "ah don" (all done) and pointed to the door!  I nursed him and he fell back asleep within a few minutes!

 Harry Potter's 5th movie is coming out this summer and I am really excited to watch it.  The final book is coming out a week later.  Looks like I'm going to need to enlist a little grandparent time in July!  I'll need at least 2 solid days to read the book from cover to cover! lol.  Anf then 1 day to let it sink in! LOL

Savanna's dance instructor asked for my phone number on saturday.  She has a little boy a few months younger then Bash.  I felt honored that she wants to talk and hang out with me outside of the dance studio!  I really like her and think that we could be good friends. 

I've lost 20lbs and 15 inches since just before Christmas!   I have another 15lbs or so to go, and would like to be have that accomplished by the beginning of May!

More Sebastian funnies..
I found him like this a few mornings ago when I was helping Savanna get something out of her closet. 

He just decided to climb in and play with the toys sans water.  HE is a climber of the worst kind.  I also found him standing on the piano the other day.  It appears that he dragged his push car to the piano bench, climbed on to the bench and then onto the keys and onto the shelf where the books stand.  He was reaching for the very top trying to pull him self onto it (It's an upright piano)when I found him.  My first reaction was to stop and take a picture, but I really didn't want to encourage the behavior and my camera was not on hand.   BOYS...
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There was some divine intervention going on in my life yesterday.. 
Yesterday morning, I headed to the airport at 6am to pick up my parents who were returning from Mexico.  I felt uneasy as soon as I pulled out of my garage and the feeling only intesified as I got out onto the main roads.  I am a good driver and even though it was more slippery then usualy (fresh wet snow), winter roads don't usually bother me.  The uneasy feeling didn't go away and I found myself saying a quick prayer for safety and mentally reviewing my winter driving techniques and tips.  The drive was as suspected uneventful until I was 2 minutes away from the airport.  The three lane road I was on curved to the right and as I hit the curve my van hit ice and the back end started to drift towards the right.  Unfortunately this put me sideways across three lanes; and the far left lane where the front of my van was had cars coming.  Instinctively I hit the breaks and cranked my wheel to the right in hopes that it would swing me the other way and out of trafic (at that moment I thought even up a snow bank was a better option).  My back end immediately swung the other way as my front end pulled me around clock wise.  I ended up facing traffic, beside a snowbank but not in it!  And the cars in the far left lane were able to pass without incident.  The rest of the oncoming (well, oncoming to me anyways!) traffic slowed down and got over allowing me to turn mysefl around and continue to the airport! 
Later that morning, I decided that while only a little bit sick, all three of my children AND me were going to stay home from Church.  I don't like it when people bring their sniffley kids to church amd make everyone elses kids sick so I was going to stay away too.

Today before dinner, Savanna came to me asking me if I could fix her skin, it was itchy.  This is a common occurance in our house as her skin is very dry, so I thought nothing of it.  Until she pointed out the 2 spots that were itchy.  Literally 2 spots..lifting her shirt up further I noticed more spots..oh yes, my life is one big joyride.  We have the Chicken Pox.  Thankfully I didn't take her to CHurch the previous day when she was at her most contagious, (albeit she did go to school!!). 

To make matters EVEN better, Sebastian was only vacinated for the chicken pox a week ago.  I don't think that is long enough for it to have taken full effect, so in the next few weeks I can expect him to get it too. 

Please Mummy, make the fun stop.

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7 years ago Sanjay and I were sealed for time and all eternity.   Now that he's a student again our finances are limited, so we didn't have a whole lot planned for our anniversary, but we could still find time for a little somthin', somethin'!!  UNFORTUNATELY I received a visitor I haven't seen in almost 4 years; Dear old Aunt Flo reared her UGLY head Sunday morning.  Ruining any chances of some anniversary Nookie.
 Happy Anniversary dear!!

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Okay here they are, new pictures of my kiddo's!

Just a picture of the three of them!  ..

Seriously, do you know how difficult it is to get a picture of all three of my children together, where they are all looking relatively normal?  This was not an easy feat!

Some BASH!

Piano Man..

Sebastian, LOVES the piano and he has from birth.  We first realized it when the songs that would calm him down were all the ones with a heavy piano in it.  Songs like Lady in Red, The Theme song from St. Elmo's fire, Love Song for a Vampire by Annie Lennox ..anything by Elton John, BIlly Joel, Blue Rodeo.  Now he doesn't just like listening, our little man loves to sit at the piano and play.  HE ranges in styles from a heavy percussion to gently 2 finger melodies!! 

Future Missionairy??

What more needs to be said?  He carried that book around for the better part of half an hour!   In and out of the back  of his little ridum' car!

His first art work..

It was a Valentine card for a friend's little boy!  He figured out the marker in no time!  And was quite annoyed when it was time to clean up!


Cyndel has this obsession with doing my hair after I have finished doing hers!  She is actually quite good with a brush and comb..and it works out well for both of us.  I LOVE having my hair brushed and played with (I always have) and Cyndel can stand and do my hair for the better part of a disney movie!  WIN/WIN situation! 

So Serious!

This is Cyndel on day 2 of her hair being ragged!  The curls were so soft and loose!  It was glorious!

Just a look at the curls!


Savanna started Piano lessons this fall and in December she had her first Piano recital.  She was the youngest student by about 2 years, and she was the first one to perform.  She played Old McDonald Had a farm and she did really, really well!  I was so proud of her! 

How is it that she looks so grown up sitting at that piano?l

with her cousin Karlyn at the family get together on Boxing Day!

Some SIBLING love!!!

Now that I have done that!  I am off to do some more sewing!  Still tons to do!  But enjoying every minute of it!

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My parents leave for Mexico tonight!  They are gone for 2 weeks in paradise!  I lnow they'll have a blast, enjoying the warmth, the beach, the relaxation.   While we all freeze.
Due to the incredible amount of weight that my Mom has lost (I am so proud of her by the way)  She discovered last week while pulling out all her summer clothes to pack, that nothing fit.  So off we trecked to the fabric store in search of a few essentials.  What we left with was half  a new wardrobe for an eighth of the cost.  This week I made her three skirts, a tunic to go over a few camisoles she already has, and 3 pairs of capris.  I am anticipating that we will have to do that again at the beginning of the summer!  And let me tell you that I am TOTALLY okay with that!  Infact, when I get down to my goal weight (18lbs to go) I plan on taking a few weeks off from sewing for other people and sew myself up a new wardrobe.  I have slowly been collecting material, and I am VERY anxious to revisit the beginning of my sewing career and sew for me!   

Tonight I managed to cut out 2 boys dress shirts for a custom order; I am hoping to get the dress pattern figured out and made so that tomorrow I can cut out the dress to match the shirts and get the pants cut out!  I have been anxious to start this ensemble for a customer, and she has been MOST patient with me!   But now the fun starts!   I love sewing dressy, pretty clothes.  It makes me feel accomplished to sew something that you can't get in a store.  I plan on putting up a few pics of some of the things I have made, as soon as I get permission from my customers! 
I promised pictures, and now i actually have some new ones of the kids..however..They haven't been uploaded to the computer yet, so you're just gonna have to wait a little longer!  Sorry!  And now I am off to do more sewing!

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 I have been doing LA Weight Loss with my Mom, and so far I have lost 16lbs.  Today was a complete and utter joke.   I couldn't stop the urge to snack, which is unusual for me,  and at the end of the day I realised that what I wanted to snack on most of all was salty things.  That set bells off in my head.  I think my period is nigh on returning.  I have no real reason to complain though.  I haven't had a period since June 2003, I have either been pregnant or nursing for the last (almost) 4 years.   but still, I can see that scale going back up and it is VERY frustrating to me. 

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I had to back away from the journal for awhile for a couple of reasons.  The first was pure frustration.  I tried posting a couple of  times over the course of a few days, and everytime I was near the end of a post my computer would mysteriously shut itself off..and I would loose the entire post.  Can we say pulling out hair?  The other reason is I received some negative email regarding something I had written, it was taken as a personal attack (which it wasn't meant as) and I had to reevaluate why I was doing this. 
 Here is my new stance:
  This is my journal, therefore I can write in it anything I see fit, be it fact or fiction, real scenario's or dramatically inaccurate events.  My feelings, perceptions and interpretations are simply that...MINE.     And if anybody has a problem with that..well they know where the big red X is at the top of the page.
Well, I feel better!

Now to catch up over the last month..Okay, well not really..Brief summary then!

Things have been quite busy, especially in regards to my sewing.  I have done many custom orders and have a few more still to do.  The hardest one by far has been a "Princess Dress" for an 11 year old girl.  This dress will be her burial dress, as she was diagnosed with juvenile huntington's disease.  I have only recently finished it, and it has taken me the better part of 2 weeks to do.  Now that it is done, I have moved on to more cheerful orders.  Some clothes for a trip to mexico, matching easter outfits for siblings, and new spring stock for my online store.  My biggest seller, surprisingly has been jammies.  And I am still getting requests and orders for them.  So I guess soon enough it will be time to find a summer jammie pattern!  

I'm glad I was able to post again.  It felt good.  I'm surprised at how much I missed it.  New pics of the kids should be coming soon. 

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I'm feeling annoyed at the ignorance of some people in believing that theirs is the only opinion that matters, and infact is the only right or true opinion; and the poor taste in forcing said opinion down the throats of unwilling persons.  I am not willing to go into details right now, or maybe ever. 
Honestly though.  Why do people feel the need to beat a dead horse?  What is the need to make everyone agree with you?  I have very strong views on certain subjects, and I will present them, even vigourously, to someone who seems slightly interested, or someone who has no real standing on the subject.  I will also protect and defend my views when they are being attacked by naysayers.  But I don't try and force feed it to all who happen to be around.  And I certainly respect that mine isn't the only right answer.  I don't believe in life lessons that there ever is one right answer.
So that was mildly vague..but  again, I just don't feeling like getting into it.

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WAHH...  Where did my baby go?  Savanna started kindergarten in September, turned 5 in November and has come to me today telling me her tooth hurts.  Upon further examination of said tooth, we have discovered that it is loose.

MY BABY IS LOOSING HER FIRST TOOTH.  Then it will be two teeth, then top teeth, then she will get her adult molars, and hit puberty, dating, college....marriage.  I don't think I can handle this, it's all happening too fast.  

okay, freak out over!

An update on my children;
Cyndel is almost 3, and has definitely hit more of the leave it end of the take it or leave it nap spectrum.  She doesn't nap on most days.  The days she does nap is when we have had a particularly busy morning.  Or when I know we will be having a particularly busy evening.  She is a fish, she loves the water and is exceling at her swimming lessons.  She has no fear of the water, she will stand on the edge of the pool and jump straight into the water.  Now I am not talking straight as a board, feet first.  She throws herself in in a kind of very sloppy dive position  Because she is still under 3 she has to be in the parent child class, she is a duck!  The next step is a transitional level, sea turtle, which is parent optional, this class is for children who aren't ready to be with out a parent, or any child under 5 years old who has never taken a swimming lesson before.  After that is the rest of the preschool levels, Salamander up to whale.  At the end of her last fall lesson, the instructor told me that when she turns three I need to have her evaluated by a life guard; because she is so comfortable in the water and can do many of the preschool exercises already, she told me Cyndel might be able to skip the sea turtle level altogether and go right to the salamander group.

I may have forgotten to write this.  But Sebastian has been walking for well over a month now!  He started taking his first steps around 11- 11.5 months.  By the time his first birthday came he was full walking!  About a week later he decided he was done with walking and has taken to running!  Now he runs everywhere.  I don't know how I am going to keep up with him this summer.  Thank goodness our landlord has a wife.  She told him when we moved in that with 3 small children on such a busy street he needed to put a fence up.  So in the spring as soon as the ground melted up went my front yard fence.  I am ever so grateful too, because we do live on a busy street.  It is a major bus route and people speed down here all the time.  Then she told him that he needs to fence in the back yard so that the kids can't get out.  So this spring they are sodding our backyard and fencing it in too.  Got to love Grandmas!  He has also started sleeping through the night recently.  Mostly because of the sleep training that we have been doing with him (Thank you again for all the help Maria!).  So now when he is not teething he sleeps from about 8 to 6:30!  A definite imrpovement to his previous schedule!   He also is now taking one or two naps a day!  So life has improved drastically in the sleep department!
Ooh, baby is waking!  Gotta fly!    

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Cyndel trying to get to our front yard after the big snowfall on New Years Eve!

Cyndel trying to get onto the front yard.

Taking a break from playing!

Sanjay built a hill of snow in hopes to make a quinzhee with the girls!

This is Cyndel in front of the hill for a perspective shot!
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